These guys are obviously passionate about this car business, they know classics & they know customer of the best in North America!

- John Van Slambrouck Sr. From MI

I talked to dozens of classic car dealers around the country before deciding to go with GRC. None of the others were as straight-forward with me. This team is the most honest group of people in the industry. They will go above and beyond for you. Trust me when I say, you can buy from GRC with confidence. We couldn't be more pleased and hope to do more business with GRC in the future. I will certainly be sending my friends their way.

Lee Harell From Texas

Being from Syracuse, NY I finally found THE vehicle I wanted so I made that journey. The Grand Rapids Classics staff was awesome! Coordinating all the necessary paperwork went very well, so surprises in what we discussed from the first talk to writing up and signing the papers. AND working with the bank also went very well! A ton of communication took place and all were there to help me add needed! GREAT DEALER!    

- Paul Robinson From NY

Worked a trade with grand rapids classics across the US and went off brads word and pictures. Was more than happy when my truck arrived. Always scary buying site unseen but with grand rapids classics they have been the most honest and easiest ive made a deal with. Will be doing more business in the future.    

- Kale Waddleton From GA

Long story but it's a heart warming TRUE story everyone should read about, thanks to GRC.! By far the best day of my life thanks to the Grand Rapids classic dealer ship.! Especially Brad for making it happen.!

Probably the best classic car selling dealership in the United States.! Can't get any better when they do shipping world wide first off.! I found my dads exact 1968 impala SS their and I purchased it back on June 1st 2017.! This car is what got me into classic cars.! I purchased it back due to the fact i recently lost my dad on August 16, 2016 and I wanted everything he had back for memories.! So I randomly started to search all over the internet, word by word "1968 impala SS Fastback" in hopes of finding my dads impala.! I didn't start searching until September of 2016, which was a month later he passed away when I was back on my feet.! Day after day I kept searching, and about a month later of searching, on November 26, 2016 I found the exact impala I've been looking for at this shop.! Man I was excited and kept messaging them back and forth from November 26, 2016 all the way till June 1, 2017 when I finally purchased the car.! THATS LITERALLY ABOUT 7 MONTHS.!!! I don't think any car shop is willing to hold a car that long for anyone but they sure did for me.! That's my personal experience with this car dealership and I'm glad they helped me find my dads exact impala, and I for sure know my dad is looking down and smiling at the grand rapid classic's shop and at me.! Definitely will get the word out to my friends and family about how awesome this car dealership is.! Thank you in advance and for the ones that took the time to read this.!

Also a Big thank you to brad, that hand shake meant the world to me when the car was sold back to me!

- Edward Deven From Indiana

Bought a 62 Bel Air from GRC. I've owned 20+ classic cars and this might be the highest quality of the bunch. The car was very well described by Brad and the deal was handled professionally and seamlessly. This car way surpasses my expectations and will be the cornerstone of my collection (for now!)    

- Doug Morrison From Illinois
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